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Artist Focus: Zeynep Ertunç

Traveling and changing environments is one of my choices that feeds my creative and productive energy. I experience the joy of being able to take my work with me wherever I go.

For this reason, my working environment is sometimes a bench by the sea, sometimes a coffee shop in the city center and sometimes my home. I actively prefer to work at sunrise and sunset. Listening to Reggae and Soft Rock in the early morning, Blues and Opera at night are my emotionally supportive companions.

First of all, I look at the story through the eyes of a child. I connect with the character by asking questions, such as how he wants to show himself, what his smile and joy look like. I think that's where the magic begins. Being the story itself speeds up the sketching process. Then the colors dance on the tip of my brush. The character seems to feel the color she wants to be in.

Sculpture is one of the fields in which I continue my work. This is followed by bringing stones and line together. I love to transform every material that exists in nature into a storyteller of an emotion. Each of my works adopts and exists as a representation of the visibility of emotions, even if the material changes.

The planet earth contributes to me as an infinite limitless space to embody, expand and nourish the creative and productive energy that I am.

I like to describe this nourishing energy as inspiration. This nourishing energy sometimes attracts my attention as a piece of rock in the middle of the sea, sometimes as a breeze that takes my cheeks between its hands, sometimes as the level of desirability of a flower. I am grateful to every being on the planet that does not stop offering the gift that it is, everything that nourishes and grows my creativity.

I love spontaneous mistakes when I draw. Sometimes I let them stay there, which keeps my line original. The feeling of the emotion I present determines the colors I use.

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