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Artist Focus: Yasir Atış

Updated: May 28

I'm not sure why I paint, I guess it's the urge to share things that make me feel good. I can't answer the frequently asked question about how I got started, I can only answer it with a counter question: How did you stop drawing? We were all already drawing when we were children, I think one of those days something happened and all my friends stopped drawing and I was sharpening my pencils for my next painting. We were all, without exception, in a strange way, painters when we were children.

All people were colleagues when they were children. Only some of us left as we grew up. The rest of us continue to tell stories here. Sometimes we illustrate children's books and communicate with younger colleagues.

I'm not interested in big events, I'm more interested in what's going on in the mind of a child on a swing than how the universe came to be. These are the kinds of events or situations that I paint.

Almost all of the ideas, regardless of their length or importance, come from my journeys, wanderings and freeing my mind. Sometimes I wander around the city like a cat, feeding on what I see in public but unnoticed like a flaneur. In addition, a line of poetry, a small line or the conversation of people passing by can suddenly turn into a small painting.

I enjoy producing works in different styles. Depending on the pace of the story, the possible poses of the characters and the visual language of the world I will illustrate, I choose one of the styles I work in, and sometimes I improvise and create a new aesthetic language specific to that story. In addition to all these, I also use the lines that I apply in my own works and that I can call my own style.

I work mostly in digital format as it can successfully mimic traditional media and saves time. What I always look for in digital works is a brush and paper effect. I think that real brush, pen and paper textures are always a step ahead because they evoke accessibility in people's minds and remind them of past experiences.

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