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Artist Focus: Osman Büyükmutlu

Updated: May 28

Hello! This is Osman, an illustrator living in Kayseri. I work at my little desk surrounded by orange walls in our downtown home during the cold winter months. In the warmer months, my work environment is updated with a nostalgic room when we move to our summer house among the mountains and trees. By the way, I love nostalgic shabby items.

At every opportunity, I work on classical designs like anatomy, objects, space, etc. I do pencil-drawing sketches. Sometimes, I also try acrylic. Quick sketches relax me and take me to the "beyond the obvious". Pointed corners and polygonal forms are indispensable for my drawings. I also like to use bright pure colors rather than tired colors. Sometimes I open the works of great masters digitally and put them in front of me and watch the colors and forms as if I were watching a movie. From time to time, I also work on reproductions. My favorite painter is Paul Cezanne. His surface fragmentation and use of color impress me a lot.

I usually underline the text as I read. If time permits, I like to meet the editor and the author and learn with what allegories and mental sub-dynamics they prepared the book. When I start a project, I put myself in readers' (mostly children) place and I think "Would this interest me?" I generally find it fun to draw the drawing with different perspective angles. Before I present the drawing to the editor, I criticize myself and sometimes make revisions on my own. I also like to use contours as if drawing cartoons and coloring as if painting classically.

My motto is "walk, draw, watch". I like to be alone and make eye contact with an object for minutes. I avoid following unnatural/insincere content. I try to watch ordinary everyday life. I am fascinated by babies and old people. I believe that inspiration comes from an intuitive focus, not from a specific element.

I started my utopian and humorous work with a blue sketch. (I usually create the outline with blue when working with acrylic etc.) I opened a new layer and switched to tiling and tried scanning. Using strokes must be a habit from when I use to draw cartoons. You can often see contour lines in my illustrations. In the last stage, I switched to coloring with a different layer. In my composition, a serious comic book atmosphere is dominant in the background, while humorous and cartoonish chickens dominate the foreground. I really like this balance, I hope you like it too.

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