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Artist Focus: Eylem Koçyiğit

Updated: May 28

This is the workspace I set up for myself on a small terrace floor in Istanbul. I do my works in digital. Sometimes I like to do my sketches on the terrace. Although I have preferred to work at night for many years, this preference has shifted to daytime in recent years. It's not something to brag about, but I can be a little messy when I'm working.

Apart from work, I enjoy expressing a memory and/or an emotion, digitally or with sketches and watercolors. Sometimes when I'm drawing, I feel the emotion more intensely. Even though it is not very often, making etamine and sewing small things feels fun and peaceful.

I usually draw children's picture books. When I first read the story, a character or some scenes begin to form in my head. I built my first sketches on that foundation. Afterwards, if there are things that I need to research, I do it and reread the story, synthesize it and continue my drawings. Even if it is not mentioned in the story, I like to draw an animal in a corner.

I am mostly inspired by nature and animals. The time I spend with them, even a small detail, can be very nourishing. Children's picture books and anime are a world in which I can get lost.

This is how I made my first drawing video. I was so excited that I recorded the video over my original work. I hope you enjoyed it too. I wish you all good health and good days. Yours sincerely.

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