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Artist Focus: Büşra Kaygın Gafarov

Updated: May 28

Hi, I'm Büşra. You can see my working environment in the images. Since we use the workshop with my husband, I do not have a special table, nor is it an area that I want to personalize here and there.I can never stay in the same place for hours. I can finish what I started at the table, on the floor, on the sofa or in a tea garden. I do not find my place odd at all. I can adapt immediately.

As long as it's not crowded. Also, please play neutral music in my ears because I can never focus on someone else's story or trouble while drawing something. Those beautiful podcasts can only be my friends while I eat. I didn't like audio or electronic books either. I can't dispense with the moments when I take the smelly book and relax for anything. And it would be very unreasonable to compress this into a moment to be passed over while working.

f the text excited me, many frames have already formed in my mind. And I take those first images and throw them away. I immediately run to deal with other things. I take acrylics and continue something unfinished (there is always). I review old books with excellent design. You don't know how long it will take to digest the story and pick up the pen. Whenever something like movie stills starts to circulate in my mind, then I sit at the tablet. When I create the characters, it's like half of the project is done, I'm so relieved. Every day has a different energy, if I catch something at that moment, I don't want to miss it, I go to the end. I'm not planned at all. I usually start and finish my work in digital environment.

Being at "home" always makes me happy. The kitchen is my second working place. I socialize and grow up there. Sometimes nothing is more de-stressing than playing with dough.

For now, I only use traditional painting techniques to relax my hand. I love working with acrylic on tiny canvases and playing with fabrics. My sketchbooks are full of different styles where I try various techniques.

In the books I read, I look for things that no one has experienced and cannot live. Maybe that's why I'm a fan of fantasy and surrealism in art as well.

If someone told me to get up and work, I would never be able to work, but sometimes when David Bowie, Khurangbin, another day Tarkovsky, Bela Tarr, whom I have discovered and overdosed on, my old friend Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman, when they say get up and work, I sit by the paper and pen. I'm pretty sure I do rituals mostly with black and white movies. Traveling with my analog camera makes me feel good. Combining and editing the photos I took at different times helps me open different windows in my mind.

I enjoy experiencing something different every day. The acceleration of my pen also changes according to my mood, but I generally have a style that I like to fill in by scribbling with fine-tipped pens. I also love the dirt left on the paper, I would never remove it. I cannot say that I always use the same palette, but I am a lover of pastel tones and black and white harmony. When I am completely free, I always prefer to express myself with fewer colors.

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