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İlke Türkoral

Mediums: Digital Painting

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She was born in Çanakkale in 1990. Art has always fascinated her since she was a little girl, in all aspects. She also had other fascinations i.e. nature of human kind, which led her to study Anthropology, and got her bachelor degree in Ankara University (2012). Then she wanted to dig deeper on humans and had her masters degree on Human Anatomy in Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy (2016). However, after she moved to the Netherlands in 2018, she left her entire career to pursue a dream, a childhood passion, “Art”. She have put all her focus on her artwork since then. Now, she is a self-thought artist who explores the limits of her imagination.

She try to discover her true self as an artist by challenging herself via telling surreal stories with her work. She like to capture a touch, a feeling, a moment with her art that makes people feel something that is hard to define by words, basically a transfer of thoughts without being have to talk.

Her ultimate goal now is to make children feel something like she felt every time she sees a fantastic creature in a book, a being straight out of a mystical world. She’s drawing for children, to make them feel as she feels, to trigger their colourful imagination, make our minds connect through art, in the magical world of books. It is her passion to touch the little minds through art.

She is inspired by many things, World fairy tales, mythological stories, witches, fairies, cats and lush nature, etc.




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