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PICTURE BOOK | The Exciting And Not At All Sad Story Of The Broken Clock or How Do You Drink Tea In Space?

In this book, you may get caught in giant waves. Perhaps you will take a ride in a 3-bed castle. Who knows, maybe you can run for a score in an exciting soccer gamer. It is also possible to let it all go and make your art speak. Do whatever you want, but don't forget: A broken clock is more than a broken clock!

This is the story of two brothers and the first chapter of a series of three books. The little one is playing soccer with his toys in the living room, but the ball hits the clock and it breaks. Moreover, this clock is very precious to his parents. Meanwhile, his big brother appears. The little one admires his imagination and misses the adventurous games they used to play together. But now he is a teenager and what is worse, he is in love with a brown-eyed girl. The little brother is all alone with his toolbox. Let's see how he will get rid of this trouble. A surprise awaits him at the end of the book.


  • Written and illustrated with a global perspective.

  • Aimed at a wide age range.

  • Ideal to explore and appreciate non-material things and the importance of cherishing them.

  • Illustrations full of details -including even a space scene created with LEGOs.

Author: Olcay Mağden Ünal
Illustrator: Merve Doğruer
Editor: Burcu Arman
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Pages: 34
Age Range: 5+
Themes: Brotherhood, family, imagination, adventure, love, fun

Olcay Mağden Ünal



She always wondered what kind of profession publishing is. Curiosity got better of her and she jumped in. She translated many children's books into Turkish, checked the translations of many others and wrote book reviews. Those who want to see what she is up to can look at her website:

Merve Doğruer



She worked as an editor and translator in many magazines and publishing houses. Then she started to write stories for young readers. One day she decided to illustrate these stories. Since then, she has been illustrating and spending her days with daydreaming. You can visit her portfolio page by clicking here.

Burcu Arman



She studied archeology, worked as a reporter, wrote many articles for various magazines. She was in love with words and kept playing with them. She wrote the strangest text imaginable. One day, she said enough is enough and decided to write her own book.

To know better you can visit:

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