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Mediums: Digital painting and watercolor.

When Gülşah Alçın Özek was a little girl, she became interested in drawing thanks to her interest in Disney princesses. She carried her painting education, which she started with the Fine Arts High School, to a master's degree in Graphic Design. In her adventure that started with a dream, she worked with the hope of reaching the dreams of children and young people. While working in various agencies during the daytime, she created the opportunity to draw only at night, drawing many children's book illustrations and youth book covers. With her daughter's entry into her life, she realized who had to be worried about the most. Later, she devoted all her time to her daughter and her drawings. She has been happy to return to her essence for the last four years. To daydream with the characters and their expressions; she loves to play with colors, paints, get lost in the watercolor texture, and the sensitivity of pastel paint.


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