Gözde Eyce


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Mediums: Digital painting.

She's a self-taught independent illustration artist, working from her home studio, surrounded by variety of artworks and children’s books!  She developed an imperfect drawing style inspired by the world we are in, with distorted characters and perspectives, highlighting the beauty in imperfection. She has been illustrating/drawing since she could hold a crayon in her hand, and professionally she has been working as an illustrator for the last couple of years. She's currently based in the Netherlands with her partner and their dog.

She loves collaborating with amazing artists & various creative souls who place sustainable living at the very core of their being. She mostly creates children book illustrations, editorial illustrations & custom projects for brands with an authentic mindset.

Besides being an art enthusiast, everything she has seen is an inspiration for her. She loves yoga, vegetarian cooking, classical music, writing & plants. 

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