Elif Yemenici

She was born in Eskişehir. She graduated from the Department of Visual Arts at Eskişehir Anadolu Fine Arts High School. Then she double-majored at Anadolu University in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Print Making Department and the Faculty of Communication, Cinema and Television Department. After graduation, she started working in an animation studio for approximately two years. There, she worked on several characters and background designs for various animation projects. Starting from her years as a university student, she has illustrated more than 80 children’s books so far. At the same time, she wrote and/or illustrated more than 300 short stories for various children’s periodicals. Apart from her works in the field of children’s literature, she produced works of visual arts in a variety of other fields such as posters for advertisements and illustrations of album covers and album booklets. There are four children’s books that were both written and illustrated by her. One of those books, “Eyvah Kalbim Kırıldı!” (Oops, My Heart is Broken!)  was chosen to take part in the White Ravens 2016 List as one of the world’s most prominent and distinguished children’s books of the year. It was also translated into four languages.
She continues to work on her fields of interest in her studio in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her technique: Digital Painting.


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