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Mediums: Digital painting.

She was born in 1991 in Amasya. She graduated from Gazi University, Department of Architecture, in 2016. She started to collaborate on projects as a freelance illustrator and designer in 2019 after four years of architectural experience.

She loves playing games with space from different perspectives in her productions, thinking like a child while designing her characters, and hiding the sketching stage inside the scenes.

Her first solo exhibition was opened under the title "connected(!) cities" in October 2019 at Deppo29. In her second solo exhibition titled "You Are Here Right Now (Şu Anda Buradasınız)", which met with the audience at Sekiz Artı Bir Gallery in January 2022, she aims to experience the individual's effort to find a place for herself in the city, the place she is in, and the forms of relationship she establishes with the place.

She thinks that being in contact with different representations of art affects all her work. That's why she collaborates with various brands while illustrating children's books. She continues her freelance work about space, takes part in various exhibitions, and finally, draws constantly and dreams a lot.

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