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Mediums: Digital painting.

Büşra Kaygın Gafarov was born in Istanbul in 1989. She completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University in the Painting Teaching and Graphic Design Department. She provided digital support to the translator, Heyzen Ateş, during and after her studies. This process contributed to her close acquaintance with the publishing world and her artistic development. Then, in the seven years she spent with her agency and publishing house experience, she illustrated many children's books and designed covers. While continuing to make illustrations as a freelancer for the last year, she moved to Mercury with her husband. She thinks being quiet and alone away from the crowd is good for her soul. Outdated things, portraits, books, and everything green are the sources of inspiration. Since she is also interested in taking photographs, she is used to following the sun and cannot give up playing light and shadow games in her drawings. She enjoys making contradictions and exaggerations without straying too far from the apparent truth. Living slowly, calmly, without a plan, and continuing to produce, especially for children, is her greatest motivation.



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